Crave constructive feedback? Want to grow as a writer? Look no further.

The Frankfurt Writers’ Group is comprised of writers from all genres and stages in their careers. Originally founded by journalist Isabelle de Pommereau, we meet each month above a bar and restaurant in the center of Frankfurt to review and offer critiques on writers’ submissions.

The goal of The Frankfurt Writers’ Group is to provide a constructive, creative environment to assist new as well as experienced writers further develop their writing careers and get published.

We write fiction and non-fiction. Our submissions consist of short stories, novel chapters, journal entries, poetry, or children’s literature. Many of our pieces have become published novels, articles for magazines or newspapers, or have been featured on-air, including with National Public Radio in the USA.

We offer robust yet constructive feedback to each other in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Writing can sometimes be isolating, which is why we meet regularly. The FWG meetings provide an ideal opportunity to further develop themes, plots, query letters, as well as help with finding agents and publishers. We learn from each other. Members have fun and work hard together to improve each submission. Attendance is vital, and new members are expected to provide substantive critiques to work submitted as well as to submit their own work regularly.

If you are interested in joining our monthly meetings, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you with more information.